Posté le 14 f�vrier 2013
The digital-first publisher Le French Book is starting off 2013 by giving away a full year's worth of good reads: 52 short stories by seven of France's top authors, including two Goncourt prize winners and one of France's most-read writers. Something completely new and giving readers a full year of stories—52 of them to be exact—from seven of France’s top writers. All free.

Seven of France's best writers—Tatiana de Rosnay, Didier Van Cauwelaert, Yann Queffélec, Daniel Picouly, Christine
Orban, Irène Frain, Harold Cobert—got together to play a collaborative writing game resulting in fifty-two wacky stories that were published in France in the form of a calendar. Le French Book will be giving the stories away for a full year of good reads: readers can choose to receive a daily shot (one story episode a day) or a weekly story.
Fifty-two sharp-toothed stories, described by the French magazine Paris-Match "with carnivorous intentions and limitless inspiration. A delicious meal with literary lions."
In this very funny clip, three of these "literary lions" Irene Frain, Tatiana de Rosnay and Harold Cobert, explain the recipe of the meal!

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